Carl Sublett Artist
Carl Sublett Artist
Carl Sublett Obituary picCarl Sublett - 1919-2008
from: Eric Sublett

Carl Sublett chose to put his spirit to work on his dream of becoming a successful artist. Success for him must ultimately be centered in family, home, friends, and community. He was forever striving to hone his skills to put to paper or canvas ideas that emote, that transfer from artist to viewer a mood or feeling, to capture the natural essence of a place, a memory, or perhaps a landscape of the mind. He lived his life in a work-a-day way and through his work the sense of accomplishment gained by doing things to the best of his ability seemed always to lead to higher ground. When the workday was done then he would draw and paint some more.

His career as a teacher was one of his biggest accomplishments, he would claim. He said that he always learned more from his students than he could ever teach them. I remember his endless talks with students about their own art. He was always emphasizing the best qualities of their work, steering their delicate sensibilities towards individual strengths, and helping them to formulate their own convictions. He believed everyone could awaken the creative energy for the benefit of one’s own wellbeing as well as for that of others.

This offering might be seen as a core-sample driven into the layers of the ‘body of work’ of a man’s life. But, looked at as such, it can reveal new views to virtually any eye that gives witness. We see works of great variety, but somehow it seems to all hang together with a certain harmony. We see definite trends that radiate out from a center like fingers on a hand reaching out in different directions to grasp a common perception. If we trace any of these back to its origin, we sense stability, calm conviction, and discover a gentle spirit. As Carl Sublett’s son, I used to say only half jokingly, “I’m the world’s oldest apprentice”, but now, I’m sorry to say that it is a distinction that can no longer apply.

May He Rest In Peace